Students' Theses

Feb. 3, 2013, 11:57 a.m.

Development of General Purpose Object Oriented Language Compiler (Egor Kolmogortsev)

This course work is devoted to development of an OO language compiler on the basis of flex, bison and llvm tools.

Thesis Presentation Sources

Graph_Viz (Maxim Pomazuev)

This is an introductory work into the field of vizualization of big graphs.

Archive (Ru)

ASMPY (Aleksandr Krasnorutskiy)

ASMPY is an assembler of python compiled files compatible with unpyc disassembly output.

The structure of python compiled files is considered. The purpose of the work is to create a low-level language for *. pyc files and to develop an assembler for this language. The paper contains specification on the assembly language for CPython, lexical and syntactic analyzers.

Thesis (Ru)

JavaScript libraries overview (Philipp Leskin)

This work contains an overview of some of the most popular javascript libraries including jQuery, Dojo, Mochkit, Mootools.

Thesis (Ru)


John on CUDA (Sergey Azovskov)

The purpose of this work is to extend John the Ripper with the abillity to brute force by means of GPGPU.

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